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Precision Carving
Canal Winch. Winterfest demo. Single block. with minimal mentor help.
Multi Block Swan. Completed at Frederickstown Winterfest. Team Effort.
1st Completed Swan
1 block. with Mentor assistance
Complete Solo Work. No Help. Chiseled Wings.
Penguin, 1st Dm. only
Mt. Gilead winterfest swan.
Compulsory Practice.
2 hrs, no practice, no advance info on sculpture.
Cool Stuff Added : December 31, 2013
Kissing Swans, with
a heart center piece.
For a wedding reception.
G Cleft. I think, hehe,
done for a 50th birthday party.
Ice Chandalier, done for Tiffany Co. in conjunction with Cystic Fibrosis foundation. Rock on Ice Creation.
Gotta admit...There is something coooool about ice carving...and it's not just the mercury.
Between the awesome array of power and hand tools, huge and functional pieces, travel chances across the world, and super events in the states. Ice carving is truly a superb craft for so many reasons and I am grateful to have the chance to practice the art.
Blendon Mid School Bulldog Demo
Must be luck, to of apprenticed under Master Ice Carver G. Butauski and Prof Carver Trey Justice. With their guidance, I medaled every competition entered my first season as an amateur carver. And started off the following year at Branson, MO with a 1st place Iguana to cap off my amateur career, on to Prof competitions.. And Mt. Holly, NJ was a "crash" of a lesson. I broke the wings off of my piece and as they say "learned the hard way". . .
2nd season down, and I was able to pick the brains of some of the best carvers in the US, learn alot, see alot more, and always helps to build confidence in fresh new ideas and designs. I prefer to try designs that have never been seen or used in comp season.. It may hold me from gold as of now, but with more practice and the assistance of NICA, Rock on Ice, and the support of family, we hope to see you all at the olympics one day....
Charity for St. George. Diamond Hearts
Diaper Party double stack luge.H for E Carver new family.Graduation Party Luge
Fam in WVWVU logo, peoples choice tie
2012 Non NICA Event
Speed Carving at the Pool
frankenmuth, MI 2k9 team event. NICA college practice under green light.Practice for college tourney.compulsory event. no advance notice of edesign.First NICA Comp Season 2k9 Am Level. branson MO. bronze eagleHolland, MI practice invitational.Waterviet MI. first singles event.. bronze medal.. mp3 assistance..rock n rollCompleted college tourney eagle
Iguana first place Am event, Branson, MOfirst place iguana, Branson MO bronze levelFirst Place last Am event, then to Mt. Holly, first crash, first Pro Event.Almost time for the wings to break off just before finishing the face.. hard lesson.
Demo for Momma at the Greenbrier Resort Wva. dragon Cross, greenbrier wva, bronze. No Practice.Geometric Dragon, Branson, MO. bronze No Prac.Rattlesnake statue, no practice, Pigeon forge, tn. bronzePigeon Forge Titanic . Bronze
Eagle Totem, Greenbrier WV bronze No Prac.Tribal Humming bird, Pigeon Forge , Bronze No PracticeBronze medal. U.S. nationals. 3rd place overall. Sunflower Tower No PracticeAltar of Storms, NICA U.S. Nationals 3rd place pro division, silver medal. 3rd overall two day event. No Practicedemo for St Joseph TodayAltar of Wind. St JOE MI. Silver Medal No PracSt. Joe. Team Event. Bronze with Tator Edwards.. No Prac.Tator n DaveAltar of Wind Mod. Silver Medal. Perrysburg OH. Altar of Wind Perrysburg OH
1 hr Sea horse, Rhode Island for Channel 6 news ,and family.Family Demo piece. Meeting Street Schools. RIMeeting Street Schools. RIMeeting Street Schools, RI
Meeting Street Schools 4 block Demo. Ch 12 news.Rhode Island
AXIS of O'Keefe. Greenbrier Resort Wva. SilverCarve and Deliver. Greenbrier WVA. Bronze. Krystle's RosesThe Axis of Taurus. Pigeon Forge Tenn. "it was HOTTT"St Joseph Street PIece for Chans China Eatery. 1st Place Gun and Roses Team Piece, good save after I "crashed the Base" with Tator Edwards.Team "Desert Leprechaun" with Gun and Roses. St Joe MIDesert Leprechaun Gun and Roses St JOE"I was born, a six gun in my hand......"
Carving a Rose at the Greenbrier Resort for Sister inspired piece . " Krystle Roses".Working on the Axis, Greenbrier resort. Prof Competition.The bull gettin attention at Pigeon Forge's Titanic museum Prof Competition.The Saw is the Law at Premier at Sawmill athletic club. Speed carving for the pool party.Speed Carving at Premier at Sawmill, hot and cold come together.Columbus Newspaper photo, apprentice season, practicing my eagle.Collegiate Nationals, makin' the eagle fly.U.S. Nationals , using aluminum to level a piece of cooooool art.St. Joseph Michigan or Perrysburg, not sure, but the Ice is not carin' either way.Pigeon Forge Speed demo.. Makin it Snow ...Iguana comin to life . NICA prof competition.1st ever prof competition. Mt. Holly NJ. Ended up losing the inner wing and learned what CRASH means...Collegiate Nationals 3 block Iguana. last day. Thanks to the squad.Doin' er WV style for the Mardi Gras Casino formerly the "dog track". Peoples' Choice winner.
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