Welcome to the home of the Truecamelion.

Thank you for stopping by. I am David A. Smith, aka Pablo, TC, Truecamelion, Camel, and many other titles... "Creative" sums it up best I'd say. Whether it be a pencil for a sketch, a chainsaw for a sculpture, a knife for a melon, or an airbrush for a motorcycle gas tank.... you never can tell what I'll be adding an artistic touch to next.
I was born and raised in Charleston, WVa. Lucky enough to have family support my entire life, I have learned over hurdles and under rain storms, to expand my artistic tool belt to include Sand, Ice, Pumpkins, Fruit, and of course every type of illustration, design, and graphic creation I can be a part of.
I learned the art of Ice sculpture in 2007/8 and have been growing into as many forms of sculptable mediums I have time for, with the help of a few experts, a few 10,000 miles, and lots of long nights. I am now available to carve up a path anywhere in the country, anytime of the year, any design the heart desires.
Please consider a bridge to the creative mind of the TC when planning your next Indelible occassion !!!!
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